Sana Fortis focus is on providing a consistent reliable source of high value forage for all ruminant species and life stages. We understand the importance of forage as a bedrock of good nutrition and production. Securing feed quality feed sources in an ever changing economic world with increasing pressure on water availability, particularly for forage sourcing, is becoming crucial to the success of a primary producer of milk and meat. We at Sana Fortis are intent on delivering value to the producer’s business through the following product lines:

All ruminants whether they are on a high performing dairy farm, beef lot or a small operating have one thing in common when it comes to nutrition. To be productive they all need and have to rely on a consistent source of forage. Over 50% of their dry matter intake will be based on some form of grass, alfalfa or whole crop corn regardless of the set up. The question facing farmers particularly in North East Asia (China, Korea & Japan) and the middle East (UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Qatar) is given the limitations of either of land, water, soil and climate and in some cases all is as follows: “where do I source a consistent form of forage that enables my animals to produce fresh produce for my local market?”. To date, alfalfa, timothy and oaten hays have been imported from as far away as the western states of the United States of America, Spain Australia and Ukraine to this markets. These imports have allowed the establishment of high performing herds in the markets mentioned yet the reliance on long supply chains, favourable freight rates, lowering water tables where they are grown leaves producers exposed and question marks of the viability of their longer term supply and as a result their own future. Some of these producers have backward integrated by buying up farms to produce these raw materials themselves in different parts of the world, others don’t have that luxury but the risks remain. The seasonality of these markets means a marked nutritional difference between first and second cut alfalfas and a constant need to adjust.

In Sana Fortis we seek to address these challenges by producing in Malaysia where, with consistent temperatures and rainfall Sana Fortis is able to produce the same product year round from which more sophisticated diets can be produced depending on the genetics and the targeted production levels (ADG: average daily gain or milk yield). With easy access and counterflows to major shipping routes to core markets, Sana Fortis’s forages can be viable year round supplier of choice.

Even closer to home, dairy production remains a serious challenge in the tropical heat. Reproductive performance and milk yields are on the whole low despite the incentive of high domestic milk prices, government initiatives for local production and the know how to manage cow comfort even in oppressive heat. The difference between the ruminant operations that have succeeded in south east Asia and those that haven’t has not been the access to technology or lack of on farm infrastructure, it has been more fundamental to that. In animal production systems, feed represents 60-70% of the production costs and understanding that taking short cuts on feed can quickly have a negative and dramatic impact on all aspects of production and animal health. A good source of forage is the first step in building a successful ruminant production system. In Sana Fortis our team have been working in animal nutrition for over 25 years in different parts of the world, from the grazing systems of Ireland & Chile to more intensive set ups in the UK, Brazil, South Korea and the United States. Malaysia is no different and while sourcing forages from overseas can play a supporting role to achieving production excellence, it comes at a cost with large amounts of capital tied up in inventories and importation when with some careful formulation a viable formulation can be put together using Sana Fortis’ HTG to outperform existing production. Partnering with Sana Fortis can remove the need to “forage” the world for forage.

Sana Fortis can supply the following in different forms:

  1. Straight grass: >15% CP
  • Fresh: 90-92% moisture: for immediate consumption (1-2 days): a domestic source of high protein and fibre suitable as a dietary base for feed for all levels of production
  • Silage: i. 90-92% moisture: a fermented product to extend shelf life up to 24 months: a domestic source of high protein and fibre suitable as a dietary base for feed for all levels of production
  • Silage: ii. 50-60% moisture: a fermented product for export, shelf life up to 12 months: a source of high dry matter silage, high protein and fibre source for animals at all life stages and production phases
  • Hay: 8-12% moisture: a dry product (in planning): a source of high dry matter, protein and fibre source for all stages of maturity and phases of production

       2. Blends:

  • Custom blends: according to customer requirements
  • Export blends to meet Fibre feed definitions All products are suitable for all types of ruminants and horse and all life stages.

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Sana Fortis Sdn Bhd is an agriculturally focused company founded by experts in the field aligned to an experienced international management and finance team based in Malaysia, with a desire to be part of the Malaysian Food Security initiative.

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