The Management of Sana fortis is committed to continual improvement of the quality management system and any associated activities. Sana Fortis aims to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system by:

  • Understanding customer’s needs and expectations
  • Compliance of contractual and statutory requirements
  • Managing our suppliers while considering their needs and expectations to deliver the planned results
  • Establishing the company’s quality objectives consistent with the quality policy, measuring the objectives on an ongoing basis, and reviewing the achieved results in the management review meeting.
  • Gathering information about the latest technologies and being innovative in providing our services
  • Training of our personnel
  • Acting in the interest of our community

This policy is communicated through our website to clients and through staff inductions.
This policy is reviewed on a periodical basis for continuing suitability and effectiveness.


Sana Fortis Sdn Bhd is an agriculturally focused company founded by experts in the field aligned to an experienced international management and finance team based in Malaysia, with a desire to be part of the Malaysian Food Security initiative.

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